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Many answers we seek in life are found within ourselves. But how do we get to them? When you know what you are doing, psychedelics can be a powerful tool for personal growth. Our psychedelic masterclass gives you all the practical skills and essential knowledge to confidently explore the world of psychedelics.


Learn how to use psychedelics for personal growth

Psychedelics give you the opportunity to see parts of yourself that normally stay out of sight. They help you gain new impressions and insights. Learn how psychedelics work, how they affect your mind, and how they can bring lasting change.

Prepare your body and mind

It’s important to have a clear and calm mind as you embark on your psychedelic journey. Learn how to make space and time to set the right intention and to process your insights.

Understand how to navigate a psychedelic experience

A psychedelic experience takes you through various phases. Learn what to expect in each phase, how to approach your experience with an attitude of openness and how to stay grounded if a difficult experience arises.

Get practical tips on how to integrate your insights

Many things will come up during a psychedelic experience, but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground. Learn how to process your experience and integrate the insights into your daily life.


The Psychedelic Masterclass is divided into five chapters. Each chapter contains a series of informative videos and a written guide that will prepare you for your psychedelic journey step by step. You’ll have three experienced guides by your side who have taught and guided hundreds of people on how to use psychedelics for personal growth and inner exploration.

  • Get acquainted with the way the Psychedelic Masterclass unfolds. This chapter provides crucial information before starting your journey. Our guides introduce themselves and present their method.

  • This chapter is about the transformative power of psychedelics and the role they play in our program. We explain how psychedelics can help you see yourself more clearly, open your mind and heart, and reconnect with nature.

  • This chapter is about getting your body and mind in optimal condition before you embark on a psychedelic journey. You will learn everything there is to know about dosing and how to create the ideal setting for your experience.

  • In this chapter, you will get acquainted with the flow of a psychedelic journey. You will understand the importance of music and we’ll introduce some common experiences you may encounter.

  • This chapter offers you practical advice to help you integrate your insights into your daily life.


Music has the power to heal and transform. Our carefully composed Music Journeys are performed by world-class musicians and designed by pioneering sound engineers to follow the flow of a psychedelic journey. Dive into an immersive musical experience that lovingly takes you by the hand. Let the natural flow of our singers and musicians guide you on your journey. 


Meditation and breathwork practices are powerful tools to create space and clarity in your mind. This is essential before, during and after psychedelic journeying. Our practices combine the wisdom of ancient traditions and latest advances in modern science to help you create the optimal mindset to get the most out of your experience.



livE SEctiON

We offer workshops and Q&A sessions to help you prepare for and integrate your psychedelic journeys. We also host seasonal Connected Circles Ceremonies, which you can tune into from anywhere. Experience the unifying power of ceremony along with fellow members, meditators and musicians from around the world. You will be guided with breathwork, immersive live music and sound therapy.



psyCHEDElics for INNer EXPloraTION

sEttInG yoUR INTENtion


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  • Spinoza has given me a safe and professional way to educate myself about psychedelics and how to use them.

    Dirk Dekker
  • As a psychologist, I’ve always been open to all sorts of therapies. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experiment with psychedelics in a safe environment and explore how they could be useful in a therapeutic way for me.

    Frederique Bicker
  • After my psychedelic experience, I've become more true to myself. I have seen and felt how I am a part of something bigger. Part of nature.

    Freke van Nimwegen
Spinoza app user testimonials
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