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  • This all inclusive psychedelic retreat costs € 1198 (including VAT). This includes a preparation workshop to prepare you for your psychedelic experience, a daily regiment of essential meditation and breath work exercises, access to the Spinoza app and our psychedelic masterclass, both dinner and breakfast including a delicious five-course vegan meal, an overnight psychedelic ceremony nestled in nature led by our expert guides, and an integration workshop to help harness your personal learnings towards your daily life.

  • In our retreats we administer natural psilocybin in the form of psychedelic truffles, sourced locally and harvested organically from a nearby farm in the Netherlands.

  • Our retreat is located in the peaceful backdrop of a beautiful forest in the Netherlands, located one hour south of Amsterdam in the town of Maarn.

  • While the psychedelic ceremony can take anywhere between 4-6 hours, the actual retreat is 24 hours that requires an overnight stay to ensure that you have the proper rest, nutrition, and relaxation before and after the ceremony.

  • Please review the Inclusion and Exclusion Policy. This policy is made to establish guidelines for the fair and equitable selection of participants for the Spinoza Experience and to ensure that the program remains accessible and inclusive to all interested parties, while preserving the safety, integrity, and quality of the experience for all participants.

WHat CAnyou EXPect?

  • The Spinoza app provides access to our educational platform, which includes a comprehensive psychedelic Masterclass, a library of meditation techniques and breathwork practices – both in audio and video – and mesmerizing, four-hour Music Journeys – specifically composed to follow the flow of a psychedelic experience.

  • Before we start your process of personal growth, we’d love to get to know you a bit and speak about your intentions and needs. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Please don’t be shy to fill out the contact form, so we can get in touch with you. Speak soon!

  • Our ceremonies are led by experienced guides, specialists and experts, including therapists, who solely act in service of your well-being and who are there to care for your every need before, during, and after the ceremony. We facilitate a safe space where anything can be processed that needs to arise.

  • With everyone who shows interest in our ceremonies, we always aim to create a balanced group of like-minded people with a maximum of 10 participants.

  • Preparation is essential in order to make your journey most beneficial for you. In this two-hour online preparation workshop, you’ll meet your guides and your curated group of participants. You’ll learn how psychedelics work on a physiological level and we explore a number of meditation and breathwork practices. You’ll have all the knowledge and practical skills to confidently start your psychedelic journey.

  • Your psychedelic ceremony takes place in the midst of the beautiful woods of Maarn. This is where you’ll meet your guides and other participants in real life. Together, we’ll go for a good walk in the forest and practice breathwork and meditation and some light body movement, before going into the yurt for the ceremony. You’ll be immersed in wonderful live music. All meals, bites and drinks are included.

  • This ceremony is designed as a deep dive, which means we generally offer a dose of 21 grams of fresh truffles or more. However, dosing is highly personal and we consult with each person individually to determine which dose suits your intention best. The ceremony is complemented by meditative and breathwork practices before and after in order to provide solid ground for your process to unfold. You’ll be immersed in wonderful live music.

  • During the preparation workshop, we share some dietary suggestions prior to the ceremony. This includes (at least a relatively short period) of fasting. After the ceremony, we make sure that we enjoy a delicious, vegan, nourishing, warm meal together. More food for the soul 😉 All meals and drinks are included.

  • Your process of growth doesn’t end with a psychedelic ceremony. Integrating a psychedelic experience requires attention and inquiry. During this two-hour online integration workshop, we will explore and reflect on the insights and challenges you may have encountered during your psychedelic journey. You’ll receive expert guidance and loving support to process your insights and evaluate their meaning.

  • This psychedelic retreat will prove its worth over the course of a lifetime. As this program is aimed at personal growth, many participants allocate it to personal development programs. When you are a business owner, leadership and personal development programs are often deductible. Please request an invoice with us for €990,- excluding VAT.

€1198,- incl. VAT