Coaching & Therapy


Are you looking to make swift progress in your process of personal growth? Our private coaching programs allow for more time, space, and freedom for self-exploration. An individual approach enables you to dive deep into yourself and the subconscious. Our guides are here to help you clarify your challenges and provide personalized tools to overcome any obstacle on your path.

time, space AND ATTENTion tO RECOnnect to your TRUE SELF for proFOUND InnER HEALing


Are you looking to live a healthier life, at a lighter pace? Do you want to feel more connected and emotionally balanced? 

Sometimes, we need to reconnect with ourselves before we can fully engage with the world around us. We need to grow, come to bloom and allow things to flow naturally.

Also when you are dealing with more complex challenges or have an intricate intention, our private programs provide solid ground for growth. Your personal guide will help you identify any barriers that prevent you from realizing your intentions and develop personalized strategies for overcoming any obstacles on your way. 

Our private coaching programs do not necessarily entail the use of psychedelics. However, we do offer the possibility to explore micro-dosing, mid-dosing, or macro-dosing in combination with our coaching programs.

Please note that we are also here to guide you in the process of integrating psychedelic journeys you have previously experienced.

One Season Package

  • 2-hour Meditation and Breathwork Deep Dive

  • 5 x One hour Coaching Session

  • Access to Spinoza’s Educational Platform


Mentor & Teacher

jannEKE KRIJGsman

Janneke loves guiding people to reconnect to their most authentic selves. She has been teaching meditation, yoga and breathwork for over a decade, while also exploring the fields of plant medicine.

Over the past five years, she has focused her attention on guiding personal growth processes, assisting people to find more clarity in the various challenges life confronts us with. Continuously surprised and inspired by her own inner journey, Janneke naturally invites people to discover their inner world, with all its depth and beauty.

Janneke has been with Spinoza from day one and has been essential in creating the Spinoza programs. She brings her equally peaceful and powerful presence as well as her beautiful voice and soulful music to each Ceremony.

Janneke loves having deep, explorative conversations, early morning dips in the sea, and sharing homemade food with her loved ones. She lives in The Hague and is a dedicated mother to her son Maas and daughter Ief.

Mentor & Founder


Maarten has been teaching meditation and assisting people to make the journey inward for nearly fifteen years. With silence, music, plants and fungi he guides people toward their own natural wisdom.

Maarten has co-founded Delight Yoga and a number of other initiatives aimed at inspiring a more natural and conscious way of living. Spinoza forms the pinnacle of a personal journey with plant medicine which started in 1999 and has grown into an intelligent network of therapists and scientists united in the mission to experience and experiment with the health potential of natural medicine and nature therapy.

Maarten is a proud father to Philip, Alexander and Victoria, and dedicated husband to Anna.

YOuR JOURney StarTS HEre

Our programs are designed to be ground for personal growth and transformation. One-on-one coaching opens doors to see clearly which aspects of your life may require more attention. You’ll learn how to move from the head (ratio) to the heart (feeling). With loving guidance and inquiry, we’ll work toward increased self-awareness.

  • Enter deeper layers of consciousness to discover what is essential to you.

  • A psychedelic experience can help you to go beyond the individual self and get a sense of something much greater that we are a part of.

  • Recreational use can be fun, intentional use can help you bring real change into your life.

  • Move beyond your conditioned mind and connect to a deeper intuitive intelligence.

  • Experience the power of the shift of perspective that a psychedelic experience can bring about.

OUr MEthod

We believe that the positive effects of psychedelics can be enhanced and prolonged by embedding them in nature and supporting them with meditation practices and musical experiences.

Nature offers an infinite source of inspiration, insight and loving connection. By making a conscious effort to reconnect with nature, we can tap into its healing energy.

Ask your local forester what it is that keeps trees healthy and happy, and he or she will answer ‘mycelium’; fungi. In our case, these are truffles containing natural psilocybin.

Meditation helps to create calm and clarity in the mind. It’s a tool to be aware of the here and now, to face our fears and to accept what needs to be accepted.

Learn how to use your breath to get acquainted with altered states of consciousness. It will also help you shift your attention from your mind to your body.

Music plays an essential part in the way you experience a psychedelic journey. Our signature music is engineered to release various emotions, allowing them to be processed on a deeper level.

You can count on having a solid and loving community to support you during your transformative process. Our community regularly gets together to share experiences.