Join us on December 17th for this winter solstice edition of the Connected Circles Ceremony.

Create a cozy atmosphere at home, tune in, and let us take you and your circle of friends on a psychedelic music journey in the comfort of your own living room.

Please sign up, so we can send you the streaming link and a free Psychedelic Guide to prepare yourself well.

A pSYChedeLICmuSIC JournEYThaT LOVinglytakeS YoUBy the HAnd

Why joiN?

Join our free Psychedelic Music Journey to create more calm, clarity and creativity in your life.

We believe it’s time for humanity to reconnect with nature and experience we are all one.

Nature is calling us.
And it’s time to listen.

You can join by yourself or with a circle of friends. Create a ceremonial setting at home and connect with our global community from the comfort of your own home.

Together we will enter a new dimension of sound and music.

Sound good?

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Join WITH or WITHouT PSYchedelICS

WHAT is A MUsic jouRNEy?

How DOES IT Work?

This Music Journey has been composed by highly talented musicians and pioneering sound engineers to follow the flow of a psychedelic experience.

Does this mean you need to take psychedelics to enjoy it? Absolutely not.

The music itself is designed to take you to magical places – whether you’re taking psychedelics or not. Also perfect with breathwork and a nice pot of tea.

  • On the 17th of December at 17:00 (CEST) we go live. If you’d like to join in later, you can do so, but please keep in mind that this Music Journey is designed to follow the arch of a psychedelic experience from start to end.

    We cannot guarantee the quality of your experience when you tune in at a later moment or tune out before its conclusion. With meditation or breathwork it’s easier to be flexible with timing.

  • We will share with you how to best prepare for this Music Journey through digital content. We will send you an extensive psychedelic guide that explains everything you need to know about psychedelics. And, in tune with the holiday season, a number of gifts.

    You will also receive suggestions to create a supportive ceremonial setting in the comfort of your own home.

    Creating a safe and comfortable space is a crucial part of facilitating a deep experience – with or without the use of psychedelics. 

  • Whether you’re considering joining with or without the use of psychedelics, your Journey starts with preparation and ends with integration. This is how your Journey will be most valuable and beneficial for you.

    This is also a great opportunity to connect with the community with whom we will be gathering online on the 17th of December.

Pamphlet JoIN theJouRNEY

The widespread philosophy of Dualism
has led us human beings to see every aspect of life as something separate.


Mind and body.
Humanity and nature.
Past and present.
You and me.

We suffer from this mindset of division – and the effects are getting clearer and more heartbreaking every day.

But when we understand that everything is connected, we can start healing this divide.

Some things can only be understood by experience. And more profoundly by a natural psychedelic experience.

On December 17th, musicians from around the world come together for a live performance of our psychedelic Music Journey.

And you are invited.

Join the journey back to nature.
Back to connection.
Back to peace.
Back to love.

Nature is calling us.

Deus sive Natura.