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CHALlenges durING A PSYchedelIC JOURney

Common fears

The more we understand something, the less fearful we become of it. When we’re less fearful, we have more space to be open, calm and joyful. From there, we can focus our awareness on matters that need and deserve our attention. To things that nourish us and sustain our wellbeing, and which contribute to our growth – ideally resulting in a better understanding of our own nature and our place in the world.

Spinoza believed that both hope and fear stand in the way of understanding our true nature.

He explained that we are often blind to the forces that determine our lives. And the less we understand this, the more we are at the mercy of hope and fear.

When we are able to enter into any situation in our daily lives, without hopes, without expectations, without fears, without prejudice and without the preconceptions of our conditioned minds, the more we are able to see and enjoy the beauty of reality as it is.

The same applies to psychedelic exploration. Without hopes and fears, without anxiety or expectations, you’re more likely to benefit from your experience. You will be more open and able to accept what needs to be accepted, see what needs to be seen and feel what needs to be felt. We highly recommend practising this in daily life.

A difficult experience

A psychedelic journey can be a pleasant and mind or heart opening experience. But as it is with life, there are the good parts and there are more challenging parts. Things that are not always so pleasant or nice. The challenging parts are absolutely necessary. This is fertile ground for growth. If you feel resistance for something challenging, try to breathe into it. 

Try to relax in what feels scary or challenging. Invite what you’re fearful of. Sit with it. 

Because these are the parts that never had the opportunity to heal, because we didn’t want to see or face them or we had no time to attend to them. Psychedelics don’t discriminate, they open every part of you, and this includes the parts that need repairing. That have been ignored or neglected, but nevertheless remain part of us. Embrace what you’ve been afraid of. With love. You’ll see that where there is love, there is no fear. Love always wins. 

surrENDER to CHAllengES

At Spinoza, we believe that however challenging a journey may be, there are no bad trips. Only our rejection and denial of the parts in us that need our attention can make a journey more challenging. Breathe, let go, embrace things lovingly and remember, you are the medicine. 


  • If you feel resistance, connect with the breath, shake or move your body. 
  • Try to relax into whatever it is that you are experiencing by simply feeling what there is to feel. 
  • Make your exhale longer than your inhale.
  • Always move towards challenging experiences and invite the experience in. 
  • Going through is the best way out. 
  • Remember: this experience will pass, both the good and the challenging parts.
  • Recall your intention