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Join an informative session about psychedelics and natural medicine, with valuable practical insights from leading experts in the field. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

In this workshop, we’ll touch upon:

✓ The history of psychedelics

✓ How psychedelics interact with the body

✓ Phases of a psychedelic journey

✓ Preparing for and integrating a psychedelic journey

✓ The latest advancements in science

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Maarten and Niek have witnessed the transformative journeys of hundreds of people in our psychedelic programs. They are convinced that the challenges of the future are best addressed by reconnecting with nature and self-inquiry.


Chief Executive
Founder | Mentor

Maarten has been teaching meditation and assisting people to make the journey inward for over a decade. With silence, plants and fungi he guides people towards natural wisdom. Maarten has founded Delight Yoga, Wisdom in Business, Return to Sender and The Loft. These initiatives function as a network of organisations united around one sole purpose: inspiring a more natural and conscious way of living. Early in his career, he worked for some large companies which allowed him to think big in terms of organisation and communication. Leading several creative agencies taught him the power of storytelling. Spinoza forms the pinnacle of a personal journey with plant medicine starting in 1999 and has grown into an intelligent network of therapists and scientists united in the mission to experience and experiment with the health potential of natural medicine and nature therapy. Maarten is a proud father to Philip, Alexander and Victoria, and dedicated husband to Anna.

niEK schrEURS

Chief Sustainable Growth

Niek has been threading the path of personal growth and holistic human development for the past six years, making his mark in a unique intersection of the digital sphere and nature. Drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s archetypes, he helps individuals navigate the complexities of the human psyche, offering guidance on a journey towards self-discovery and personal development. Embracing the principles of transcendentalism, he highlights the innate goodness in people and the profound, spiritual connections we share with nature.

His devotion to regenerative agriculture manifests his commitment to sustainable practices aimed at nurturing the environment for future generations. This focus anchors Niek’s approach towards fostering a more holistic and conscious way of living.

A devoted practitioner of yoga philosophy, breath work, and meditation, Niek sees these practices as bridges connecting transcendental ideals and everyday life. They infuse his approach with balance and mindfulness, as he aids others in discovering their potential and deepening their connection with nature.