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A complete psychedelic program for conscious transformation. This three-in-one toolbox offers everything you need for safe psychedelic journeying in the comfort of your home.

3-in-1 PRogrAM IN A boX

Access the program via our intuitive app, where you’ll find a Psychedelic Masterclass, a library of meditative practices, guided sound journeys and a live section with workshops and ceremonies. Everything you need to change your mind and connect with your body.








Sclerotia Spinoza are safe and legal psychedelic truffles containing natural psilocybin. We have selected a high quality strain grown in a controlled environment on our own Dutch soil. Divided in 3 x 7g doses so you can easily vary the intensity of your psychedelic journeys. 

  • Psychedelics improve the brain’s neuroplasticity, which can be helpful in breaking thought patterns and replacing old habits with more beneficial behaviour. It allows you to gently and calmly open up to thoughts and feelings that you may avoid in everyday life. You may feel a deeper connection with yourself, allowing you to address a wide range of issues in your life. Psychedelic journeying is most useful when supported by the program and practices we offer in our app.

  • Psychedelic plants and fungi have been used in indigenous medicinal traditions for thousands of years. The scientific world has studied the benefits of truffles since the 1950’s and has repeatedly reported positive effects on behavior, cognition, spirituality and consciousness. As scientific research continues, promising results are made in neuroscience, mood and mental disorders, addiction and habit formation.

  • There are two main considerations when taking psychedelics: your physical and mental health and the timing in your life. If you are receiving treatment or taking medication, please consult your doctor. As for timing, trust your intuition. Do you have enough time and space in your life? Are you in a balanced and open state of mind? The tools we offer, like our Psychedelic Masterclass, are designed to help you create the optimal conditions for mind and body.

  • Your experience and the longevity of its benefits will likely improve if you’re well prepared. Our Psychedelic Masterclass offers a variety of practices to create the right mindset and environment for a meaningful and safe journey. We will give you detailed practical information on dietary recommendations and help you find peace of mind through meditative practices and breathwork.

  • Psilocybin is safe when used responsibly in a safe environment with people you know and trust. It is a naturally occurring substance that is converted by the body into psilocin, which acts on the serotonin receptors in the brain. Psilocybin is not addictive and there are no known reports of overdoses. We advise you to conduct your own research as well and to consult various sources of information.

  • Fresh truffles containing natural psilocybin are legal to buy and consume in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most countries around the world. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of our Transformation Box and educational platform even if your country has not yet legalised truffles containing natural psilocybin. Unfortunately, we can not ship our truffles, but we have an international option with a nice surprise.

  • The box contains 3 x 7g of fresh vacuum sealed Sclerotia Psilocybe Atlantis, 100% natural, unprocessed and free of additives. Do not consume if you are under 25 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take in combination with alcohol, drugs or medication or while driving. Please consult your doctor beforehand if you have a mental and/or medical condition. Read more in our protocol.


Our Remembership grants access to our community events, workshops and live ceremonies for an entire year. You will receive a physical coin to remind you of your personal transformation process. The coin was designed exclusively for Spinoza by world-class jewellery designer Bibi van der Velden and minted in a limited edition.

  • Your Remembership includes subscription to our app for one full year. Learn everything our Psychedelic Masterclass has to offer, tune into community events and workshops and dive into new guided sound journeys each season. It also grants access to in-person events. Become part of our natural psychedelic movement and share your experiences and views.

  • We regularly host live events, workshops and Q&A sessions that you can access through the Spinoza app. You will be notified of these events via email and through the app. We also host in-person events in Amsterdam to learn, share and connect with like-minded people. 

  • Your membership, which provides access to the app, live events, workshops and Q&A sessions, is valid for one year after purchase. Your membership will not automatically renew, but no need to worry. We will remind you about your membership when it is nearing its end so you can easily extend it.

  • This coin serves as a reminder for you in your personal transformation process. For example, it can remind you of your intention or habits you want to incorporate into your daily life. Put it in your pocket, wear it around your neck, or place it under your pillow to remind yourself of your inner journeys.

  • One of our beloved Bionauts and highly talented jewellery designer, Bibi van der Velden, has created this design based on our great inspiration: Benedictus de Spinoza. Spinoza believed that happiness can be found in daily life, simplicity and nature and was convinced of the unity in everything that exists. He is the one who equaled nature to God – Deus Sive Natura.


Spinoza App User testimonials
  • The Spinoza experience has given me a new perspective on the essential themes of my life and made me feel part of something bigger. It has offered me a safe and professional way to educate myself about psychedelics and how to use them.

    Dirk Dekker
  • As a psychologist, I’ve always been open to all sorts of therapies. I’m very grateful that Spinoza has given me the opportunity to experiment with psychedelics in a safe environment and explore how they could be useful in a therapeutic way for me.

    Frederique Bicker
  • After my psychedelic experience with Spinoza, I have become more true to myself. I have seen and felt how I am a part of something bigger. Part of nature.

    Freke van Nimwegen
Spinoza app user testimonials
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Spinoza Janneke


Do you have any questions? Our guides are here to help you all along the way. We offer a free online workshop to help you enter the world of psychedelics well-informed and with confidence. Get an essential insight into the effects of psychedelics on the mind and learn how they can be applied as a beneficial tool for transformation.



Remember yoU ARE THE MEDIcine

traNSFORM YOUrself

Change your mind

Psychedelics can reveal aspects of ourselves that may remain unseen in our daily lives. They can help create new neural pathways, allowing you to transform old habits into more beneficial behaviour.

Reconnect with nature

We are convinced that the benefits of psychedelics and the longevity of their effectiveness is highly increased by embedding them in nature and supporting them with meditative practices, music journeys and sound therapies.

Access your intuitive intelligence

Psychedelics can play an essential role in human growth. Learn how your inner explorations can be a starting point for positive change. Find profound insights and a renewed sense of joy, meaning and creativity.