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OUR story

At our Spinoza Akademia, we embarked on a mission: to create immersive psychedelic retreat experiences that are more than just events — they’re journeys into oneself.

But as the Spinoza community grew, so did our insights. The transformative nature of our retreats and programs was clear, but we heard a collective voice longing for something more — tools that could integrate these deep experiences into everyday life. This led us straight to the heart of Spinoza Apotheka Natura, our store dedicated to nature’s medicine and the refined arts of microdosing, mid-dosing and nootropics. Here, we offer products and practices that become daily companions, infusing each moment with a touch of nature’s wisdom.

Today, Spinoza’s ethos is two-fold. The Spinoza Akademia continues to be a haven for profound psychedelic journeys, while the Spinoza Apotheka Natura is your go-to for curated solutions that cater to modern life’s demands. Dive deep, live fully, and find that unique balance with Spinoza — where nature meets nurture, every single day.

Psychedelic Group Retreats

Delve deep into collective consciousness with like-minded individuals. These retreats offer a shared experience of exploration, growth, and profound realisations. Surrounded by peers, you will find support and understanding, making it an enriching journey of communal bonding and personal insight.

Psychedelic Private Retreats

For those seeking a more personalised and intimate exploration, our private retreats provide tailored guidance in a serene and confidential setting. This offers an environment of deep introspection, personal growth, and a more customised journey toward self-realisation.

Breathwork + Microdose Ceremonies

Our breath is our most essential source of life and has an immense influence on our system. It can even be applied as a tool to reach altered states of consciousness. During our Breathwork + Microdose Ceremonies, we’ll practice circular breathing to deeply connect with the body and attain a psychedelic state.

Microdosing Truffles

Discover the subtleties of enhanced cognition, creativity, and emotional balance. Our meticulously crafted microdosing solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into your routine, enabling you to tap into improved mental clarity and mood upliftment without altering your daily flow.

Magic Truffles

Bridge the gap between microdosing and full-dose experiences. Mid-dosing with magic truffles allows for a deeper dive into one’s psyche, ideal for moments of introspection, nature walks, or smaller ceremonies at home.

Natural Supplement Sprays

Elevate your everyday moments with our natural supplement sprays, conveniently named Rise, Release, and Rest. Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, these sprays seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

At Spinoza, every offering is a testament to our unwavering commitment to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, connection, and holistic wellbeing


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