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The Importance
Of Music

Music plays an essential part in our psychedelic ceremonies. In fact, we consider it one of the most important ingredients of any psychedelic experience, as it has an immensely powerful influence on both your set and setting. For this reason, we have developed several unique music journeys, which are specifically composed to follow the flow of a psychedelic journey with psilocybin.

Music Therapy

We believe that music can be applied for emotional healing. This is why we’ve developed several unique music journeys. These are specifically composed to follow the flow of a psychedelic journey with psilocybin. Our carefully composed music journeys are performed by world-class musicians and designed by pioneering sound engineers to complement our psychedelic ceremonies. Fortunately, you can still enjoy our music when you are planning on having a psychedelic experience at home.

Psychedelic Music

You can find a recording of a live performance of one of our music journeys here. We invite you to dive into a soulful musical experience that lovingly takes you by the hand. Let the natural flow of our singers and musicians guide you. You can also find a series of music journeys in our educational app, and on Spotify.

Music As Medicine

Music has been uniting humanity since the dawn of civilization. It’s literally the beating heart of human culture. What’s less commonly known about music, is that it can be applied as medicine too. Today’s technological innovations allow us to digitally share its healing properties far and wide. By applying the right frequencies, music has the power to heal and transform.

Good Vibrations

Our music is engineered to appeal to the entire emotional spectrum and brings the subconscious to the surface. By releasing various emotions, they can be processed on a profound level. In addition, we work with specific frequencies that activate certain brain waves to help you relax and reach deeper layers of your consciousness. The theta state, for example, is similar to deep meditation and induces focus and creativity. We use the frequency of the earth for a calming, grounding effect and to help you reconnect with nature.

A Spatial Odyssey

We are beyond happy with our first album – “A Spatial Odyssey” – produced by End of Time – a trio of multidimensional musicians in collaboration with a curated group of artists from across the globe. This album celebrates connections between different cultures, traditions and humanity as a whole. We’ve worked with Greek philosophy, ancient Sanskrit, Buddhist mantras, beautiful Sufi poetry, early Christian polyphonic influences, and a shaman who lives in the Chinese mountains. What’s technologically innovative and makes the experience deeply immersive, is that we use spatial sound as an instrument, offering an extra compositional tool that listeners can use to experience spacious awareness.


And Music

The only true way to experience it is to give it a good deep listen. Take a moment to relax. Open your mind, let go, and gently drift off. Please use headphones for the ultimate spatial sound experience and full immersion.

Ganesha Mantra

One swinging track that is published as our first single release is an extraordinarily enticing partitude called Ganesha Mantra. For this song, we’ve collaborated with the artist Onaia, who spent months in the Amazon with indigenous cultures mastering his shamanic singing skills. This mantra is dedicated to the Hindu deity Ganesha, or the elephant god, who is the remover of obstacles and is often called upon when starting a new endeavour.

Things You Need To Know

Music connects us to memories and emotions. Music engages both sides of the mind. The left side is used to interpret the lyrics in a song and the right part is where sounds and melody are processed. Music also positively affects an area of the brain involved in communication, such as Broca’s area, which is employed when processing written and spoken language. The most essential of all regions that is affected by music is the Amygdala. This is important, and specially in reference to the psychedelic experience, because this region is involved in the way we experience emotions.

Within the realm of psychedelic exploration, music transcends its conventional role as a mere auditory component. Combined with a psychedelic substance, our music can help you to process emotions on a deeper level of consciousness. Our music is engineered to:

  1. Help you navigate your experience smoothly
  2. Help you deal with a difficult experience
  3. Help you recall your experience

The Healing Effect Of Music During A Psychedelic Trip

Music can be a valuable companion on a psychedelic journey, as it can act as an anchor, a gentle embrace during turbulent tides. As we traverse the intricate labyrinth of consciousness, music becomes a navigational instrument. It can lead us through tranquil lakes and across stormy oceans. Music serves as a testament to the timeless affinity between sound and soul, a harmonious resonance that continues to reverberate long after the journey has come to conclusion.

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