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Janneke aims to reconnect people to their most authentic selves. She has been teaching meditation, yoga and breathwork for over a decade, while also exploring the fields of plant medicine. Over the past seven years, she has been guiding personal growth processes, assisting people to find more clarity in the various challenges of life. She brings a peaceful and powerful presence as well as her soulful voice and music to each Ceremony.


Maarten has been teaching meditation and assisting people to make the journey inward for nearly fifteen years. With silence, music, plants and fungi he guides people toward their own natural wisdom. Maarten’s on a mission to explore, expand and integrate the health potential of natural medicine and nature therapy. Spinoza forms the pinnacle of his personal journey with plant medicine which started in 1999. Maarten is a proud father to Philip, Alexander and Victoria, and a dedicated husband to Anna.


Aleksandra brings her unique perspective, humor and professionalism to each ceremony. As a psychedelic guide and transformation coach, she helps people navigate altered states of consciousness comfortably and supports people in the process of returning to alignment and harmony. She has both a psychological academic background and a BBA degree. Aleksandra brings years of experience guiding people before, during and after psychedelic experiences.


For Marijn, working with psychedelics has been an integral part of his life. As both an ACT-coach at the University of Wageningen and trained mediator, he brings a depth of educational knowledge and compassionate wisdom to his guidance in ceremonies. Marijn feels called to support others in reconnecting to the simplicity of being and the pure beauty of nature. Marijn brings insight and alignment where needed and shares his music and mantras with a gentle guitar strum. Marijn is a loving parent of two boys and a little girl, together with his wife Veerle.


As a holistic guide and plant medicine practitioner, Merel feels the interconnectedness of all things. This is why her work is dedicated to fostering inner joy and self-connection. Merel also teaches yoga classes and programs in nonviolent communication. With her work she ultimately wants to contribute to a way of living that enriches all life on Earth, supporting biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem health.


Hidde’s journey with psychedelics started after a severe accident, when he began investigating the benefits of plant medicine and microdosing. This healing experience was the starting point of a new journey, which led him to work at several reputable institutions in the field of holistic care and psychedelic therapy. Hidde is convinced that psychedelics can play an essential role in establishing a holistic view on healthcare in Western society.


Georg’s approach is rooted in transpersonal psychology, and he also holds certificates in personal coaching and music therapy. He is currently completing his Master’s in Psychology, specializing in the psychedelic experience. As a multi-instrumentalist, his approach to guidance in ceremony includes the integration of music and meditation. Following his passion for music, he has performed around the world from the deserts of Burning Man to the fields of Glastonbury.