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6th Edition - Starting on October 7th '24

Our most immersive program for deep transformation that will last a lifetime.

Joining the Bionaut Program means becoming part of a fellowship dedicated to human growth and a renewed connection with nature. To participate in the sixth edition, starting this fall, please request an invite.

We will be exploring inner worlds with fungi and flora and discovering outer worlds with friends and fellows. We are committed to supporting each other through fields of joy and in moments of need.

The Bionaut Program is a transformative three-month journey that contains three immersive psychedelic ceremonies and ongoing one-on-one mentoring. This is an opportunity to unlock your intuitive intelligence and make nature your primary source of health and wellbeing. The program will introduce and help you navigate different ancient practices like meditation and breathwork to help you turn old habits into positive ones.

As we embark on this sixth edition, we’re excited to offer an experience that’s not just about personal growth but also about becoming part of something larger than yourself.

As a Bionaut, you’ll be invited to special curated ceremonies and retreats.



  • 1 Psychedelic Ceremony in nature at our estate in Maarn
  • 2 Psychedelic Retreats with overnight stay at our beautiful nature centre


  • A team of guides, therapists and experts to support you on your journey of transformation 
  • 3 One-on-one coaching sessions with your guide and mentor
  • Whatsapp support (from your mentor and your group)
  • 3 Online group sessions with your fellow Bionauts
  • An Introduction, Closing and Comeback call to promote a smooth and connected process
  • The extensive Bionaut Guide with information about psychedelics, consciousness and how to embark on psychedelic journeys safely
  • Weekly emails with content and practices to support you along the way


  • Our three Spinoza Mood Supplements RISE, RELEASE and REST for daily support on your journey
Maarn, Netherlands


€4500,- excluding VAT
(deductible as business expense)




a curious traveller who investigates the intelligence of nature and sails the deep oceans of consciousness.

bio: refers to the natural world
naut: coming from the Greek word ‘sailor’: a person who has been trained in travelling the inner worlds.


on a transformative journey with a group of likeminded people to find the source of intuitive intelligence, inspiration and vitality within you.


new perspectives and valuable insights that provide the confidence, clarity and direction to make the changes you have been longing for to make in your life.


how meditation, breathwork and movement can support you tremendously on your path toward conscious and long-lasting transformation.


all the essential knowledge about natural medicine and psychedelics, how they effect your body and mind, and how to safely embark on psychedelic journeys independently.


a bionaut: someone who thrives instead of survives, is able to take ownership of their life and is able to mainain a healthly natural lifestyle.

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Loeckie van der Wijlinck
“My Bionaut path has set in motion so many wonderfull small changes and shifts in perspective. Even now, after a full year has gone by, the program keeps unfolding a path of inner acceptance, of life, of love. From the Bionaut Program I received a new awareness of mind and body and of consciousness and oneness, which keeps teaching me ways to shift from escapism and victimhood into being. I am still discovering new insights on how to create my life, I am getting more intentional about habits, and I am continuing to purposefully create loving thoughts. I will be forever thankful to have been part of it all, for the beautiful and inspiring connections I made with the other Bionauts and with the wonderful Spinoza mentors.”
Vanessa Zarfdijan
“The moment I learned about the Bionaut program, I knew that I was going to sign up immediately. At that time, I was in the transition to retake my birth name, with everything that it entails. I was looking for a place to be surrounded by like-minded people who have the same approach to life, as I needed to delve deep for a long period of time. And because you work together for a longer period of time, you all reach deeper layers and share a space where everyone is free to take up space or not. It is an individual group process where just being together is enough, and there is no need to talk. A unique experience for me. Wherever and whenever I encounter my fellow Bionauts, there will always be a sense of connection. A shared experience with important insights, deep connection and a feeling of coming home that I could not have found anywhere else.”
“The Spinoza retreat gave me the opportunity to travel into my subconsciousness, better understand my deeper motivators and needs and triggers to be happy in work as well as private life. Compliments for the great atmosphere, the beautiful music and personal guidance of all 3 guides. I can really recommend this great retreat held in beautiful and save environment.”
Malu de Valcke
“After many years of doing various types of transformational work, from ‘regular’ therapy to single ceremonies here and there and everything in between, the Bionaut Program was the next step in a profound transformation for me. I’m usually not the group-setting kind of person, but I went through the resistance of my anxiety around being in groups and sharing my journey. It was a big gift to allow myself to go through these highs, and certainly equally the painful lows, together with a loving group. To feel like not having to do it all by myself. The deep connection I got with people who were strangers before, just by sharing this process, is beyond. It was beautiful to experience how dedicating myself to the Bionaut Program gave me the confidence to move along with all of my processes, continuously integrate them, and put it into practice in real life. I am forever grateful.”


The pinnacle of the Bionaut Program is the Ceremonies at our beautiful nature retreat centre in Maarn. Located in a lush and quiet forest, our nature centre is around an hour from Amsterdam and easily accessible via public transport. On the land, you will find a welcoming barn with a fireplace and bathroom, a nearby house with a kitchen and additional bathroom, and our yurt, serving both as the ceremony space at the two Retreats as well as the space where we sleep.

Embracing nature as the primary source of our health and well-being, we serve fresh herbal teas and organic, vegan meals with local and seasonal sourced ingredients.
One-on-one coaching sessions with your mentor take place at every step of your process. Integrating a transformative experience requires attention and inquiry. These sessions allow you to integrate your experiences and provide an opportunity to explore the insights and challenges you may encounter during your process. Your mentor will encourage you to be inquisitive, may spark your curiosity on a broad spectrum of subjects, and will offer questions that support you in your process.

During your Bionaut Program, you will have three one-on-one sessions: 1 Initiation Talk, 1 Immersion Talk and 1 Integration Talk.

Throughout the program, there will be an Introductory call, an initiation session, an immersion session, an integration session, a closing call, and lastly, a comeback call one month after the program.

In our group sessions, we will explore the insights and challenges we may have encountered before, during or after the psychedelic experiences. These sessions are meant to increase the potential of the individual and the group and to propel our personal transformation together.

Each group session is an opportunity to share yourself from a place of openness and authenticity and to be inspired by your fellow Bionauts. They will be supportive and heartwarming gatherings led by the Spinoza team.


Period October – December, 2024
Location Buurtsteeg 7, 3951 LL Maarn, the Netherlands

Initiation Ceremony in Nature
Monday, October 7th, arrival 11:00, departure 22:00

Immersion Retreat with Deep Ceremony
Monday, November 11th, arrival 11:00, departure 12:00 the next day

Integration Retreat with Closing Ceremony
Monday December 16th, arrival 12:00, departure 13:00 the next day.
One-on-one sessions with your Spinoza mentor before and in between ceremonies

Online Closing one week after the last ceremony

Online Comeback Call four weeks after the program


Your mentors will guide and support you in your process, enabling you to integrate your experience and insights. Your mentor is there to support, challenge and empower you. Based on your intentions and background we will match you with one of the three mentors of the Bionaut Program for your one-on-one coaching.


Janneke aims to reconnect people to their most authentic selves. She has been teaching meditation, yoga and breathwork for over a decade, while also exploring the fields of plant medicine. Over the past seven years, she has been guiding personal growth processes, assisting people to find more clarity in the various challenges of life. She brings a peaceful and powerful presence as well as her soulful voice and music to each Ceremony.


Aleksandra brings her unique perspective, humor and professionalism to each ceremony. As a psychedelic guide and transformation coach, she helps people navigate altered states of consciousness comfortably and supports people in the process of returning to alignment and harmony. She has both a psychological academic background and a BBA degree. Aleksandra brings years of experience guiding people before, during and after psychedelic experiences.


For Marijn, working with psychedelics has been an integral part of his life. As both an ACT-coach at the University of Wageningen and trained mediator, he brings a depth of educational knowledge and compassionate wisdom to his guidance in ceremonies. Marijn feels called to support others in reconnecting to the simplicity of being and the pure beauty of nature. Marijn brings insight and alignment where needed and shares his music and mantras with a gentle guitar strum. Marijn is a loving parent of two boys and a little girl, together with his wife Veerle.


“I have been guiding the Bionaut program for 3 years now and it has become my favorite Spinoza Program. The power of being together with a dedicated group for a couple of months is very special; the intimacy of the sharings, the friendships that grow, the depth of the insights people get. It is the beautiful gift of committing yourself to going on a 3-month journey of self-discovery.”

“Warm welcome to this precious opportunity to dive deep within yourself, to reconnect with your truth and power. The Bionaut program is a transformative journey, where we will hold in a loving container your Courage and your Vulnerability, your Strength and your Tenderness. I am dedicated and excited to support you in the process of expanding your consciousness and embracing the totality of your being in the field of the Heart.”

“It is a precious gift to enter into a longer journey of transformation with a dedicated group. I already sense the potential of this program and I feel honoured to be a part of it. Deep commitment allows for deep realignment – may it contribute to the unfolding of the harmony and beauty of (our) Nature – as springtime blossoms around us.“



If you feel this program is what you need, request an intake call through this link. We will first ask you to fill in some questions about your motivation and medical condition.

Once read and approved, one of our mentors will schedule in a call with you to find out if this is the right time for you to step into this journey together.

Applications for the Spring edition close on the 29th of March 2024, or earlier if a group has formed. Know that there are limited spots.

Plants and fungi serve as teachers, opening our eyes to the harmonious paTTerns of life.We are here to empower you and to connect to your own wisdom.

Remember, you are the medicine.

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