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Experience the healing power of the breath


Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam


25 & 26 april 2024


18:15 - 22:00 CET

Join our next Breathwork + Microdose Ceremony that will take place on 25 and 26 of April 2024. We’ll meet in the beautiful Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam with 90 fellow breathers and 20 breathwork coaches to support you. Expect a ceremony with live music, Conscious Connected Breathing, and an optional truffle microdose to connect deeply with the body, release emotions, and attain a psychedelic state.

This ceremony is part of a program that includes a preparation workshop and an integration workshop. You will learn to practice circular breathing and experience the healing effects of releasing energy and emotions.

Tickets: € 129

Don’t wait too long to join as previous events have sold out quickly.


What's Included

About this Breathwork Ceremony

Our breath is our most essential source of life and has an immense influence on our system. It can even be applied as a tool to reach altered states of consciousness. During this Breathwork + Microdose Ceremony, we’ll practice conscious connected breathing to deeply connect with the body and attain a psychedelic state. In this temporary state, you are able to process emotions on a profound level. This allows you to release energy stored in your body, resulting in a deeply cleansing and joyfully liberating experience.

This ceremony is an immersive experience guided with a sound journey and live music, hosted by 20 breathwork coaches and co-experienced by 90 fellow breathers.

Microdosing Option

To dive even deeper on this journey of inner exploration, a microdose of truffles containing natural psilocybin is optional. We will explain how it works, what the benefits are, and how it may serve you in your process of personal growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our next Breathwork + Microdose Ceremony will take place on 25 and 26 April 2024.

We will welcome you around 18:30 to settle in. The program starts at 19:00 with a sharing circle. Microdosing is optional and will be provided. After the sharing circle, we will start our circular breathing practice of approximately one hour, in which we’ll be guided by a sound journey with live music and our signature Spinoza songs. Afterward there will be plenty of time to rest and digest, to share about your experience and to integrate the effects of your journey. At 22:00 the night ends.

Conscious Connected Breathing can help bring what may be hidden in the subconscious to the surface – where it can be observed and revised. This breathing technique eliminates the pauses between our inhalation and exhalation and vice versa. Without any intermissions, our breath becomes circular. Our inhalation is intense and deep, our exhalation completely relaxed. Both the in- and out-breath proceed through the mouth. This breathing technique results in attaining an altered state of consciousness that allows you to release energy that may be stored in your body, which results in a deeply cleansing and joyfully liberating experience.

The first workshop is designed to prepare you optimally for your breathwork experience. In the Integration workshop, we’ll look back on your intention and on your experience. You can join both workshops online. They will take place on:

  • Preparation workshop: Thursday, April 18th, 19:00-20:30 CEST
  • Integration Workshop: Tuesday, April 30th, 19:00-20:00 CEST

During the Preparation Workshop, we’ll dive into the benefits of breathing, the science behind it and we’ll share best practices to prepare yourself. We will also meditate together and give you a preview of the breathing technique we will be practicing. There will also be time for personal sharing and intention setting, as you will be assigned to a personal breathwork coach.

In the Integration Workshop, we’ll look back on your intention and on your experience. The Integration Workshops will be more personal, as we take the time to dive deeper into your personal experience in smaller breakout rooms via Zoom.

No experience with either of them is needed. We offer a safe space to experience their benefits, also if it is your first time.

Yes, microdosing is optional. Please feel free also to ask any of your questions during the preparation workshop, when in doubt.

The price for a ticket is €129, including the Preparation and Integration Workshop and the Breathwork + Microdose Ceremony. Nice to know: the ticket fee for this event will be discounted when you decide to enter our Spinoza Retreat Program in 2024.

You can join this event when you’re in a state of good physical and mental health and not pregnant. Mental health problems (medication use) and cardiovascular disease are exclusion criteria because of strong emotional processes that can arise. We ask everyone to take full responsibility to discern whether you are stable enough to join.
Exclusion criteria are:
  • – Pregnancy
  • – Currently taking an SSRI or antipsychotics
  • – Epilepsy
  • – High blood pressure
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this

Our team

The evening will be hosted by Janneke Krijgsman, Kim Helmus, Denise Maaskant and Liv Stig who’ll be assisted by twenty breathwork coaches to support you.

Janneke Krijgsman

Ceremony Lead
Breathwork Guide

Kim Helmus

Ceremony Lead
Breathwork Guide

Liv Stig

Breathwork Guide

Denise Maaskant

Breathwork Guide

Paul Berger

Breathwork Guide

Nils Elzenga

Breathwork Guide

Georg Stuby


Merel Meessen

Breathwork Guide

Mewis Koeman

Breathwork Guide

Kim Janissen

Breathwork Guide

Anke Jabroer

Breathwork Guide

Themer Abourayan

Breathwork Guide

Daya Elzenga

Breathwork Guide

Nick Schluter

Breathwork Guide

Cindy Belmon

Breathwork Guide

Nynke van den Berg

Breathwork Guide

Flora de Vries

Breathwork Guide

Ellemijn Nonkes

Breathwork Assistent

Josje Hermans

Breathwork Assistent

Jochem Laan

Breathwork Assistent


The Posthoornkerk was the first building in Amsterdam designed by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, who went on to design Central Station, the Vondelkerk and the Rijksmuseum. The neo-Gothic interior has a magical atmosphere thanks to two galleries, one above the other, the use of different colours of brick, and the beautiful light through the stained glass windows. You can already see the three slender spires of Posthoornkerk as you approach Amsterdam from the west by train. It’s a city centre landmark within walking distance of Central Station. As you walk along the busy Haarlemmerstraat, you come to an intimate courtyard behind elegant railings more than a century old. Step inside to be enchanted by light and architecture.

Known as the Posthoornkerk, which means ‘post horn church’, the church’s official name is actually Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

We are looking forward to breathe with you in the Posthoornkerk.
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