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Join a community of like-minded people who participate in a mission to reconnect humanity to nature. A group of people rediscovering the power of breath, the silence of meditation, and the transformation of ceremony. 

This is who we are

We dare to question the status quo, longing for a more natural view of life where we live in harmony with each other and our surroundings.

Find like-minded people and get rewarded with different programs.

This Is Our Mission

Almost 25 years ago, I had the great fortune to discover the healing power of plants and fungi in the Himalayan Mountains of India and Nepal. I learned how they can expand the mind and connect us with the intuitive intelligence of our bodies. I slowly started healing the divide between my mind and body. Between myself and nature.

Somehow we, humans, have become increasingly convinced that all things are separate. Mind and matter. You and I. The Past and the Present. Humanity and Nature. We have accepted a divide. A disconnection from our body. From our own nature. From nature in general. From animals. From plants. From fungi.

Let us return to nature as the primary source of our health, and heal the root cause of our diseases. Let us slowly navigate away from processed food and synthetic drugs, and align ourselves with the rhythms and remedies of nature. To a state of health that is sustainable, holistic, and fundamentally human.

This manifest is an invitation to heal the great divide and join the journey back to nature. 

Back to connection.
Back to peace.
Back to love.

Nature is calling us.
Deus sive Natura.

Maarten van Huijstee
Founder & CEO

Find the channel that fits your journey

  • WhatsApp: there to chat with each other and the place where we will be sharing updates about products, events etc.


  • Instagram is where we share inspiration and collaborate with other people and brands to further expand our mission.

  • Brandbassador: this is our ambassador platform, there to help us grow together. Here you’ll find rewards for the ways we work side by side.

Your Role As Ambassador

  • Spread Awareness: Share your experiences with our mission, products, programs, and masterclasses through social media, blogs, emails, or community talks.

  • Engage and Inspire: Actively participate in our online community, offering support, guidance, and encouragement.

  • Feedback and Collaboration: Provide valuable feedback on our products and programs and collaborate on new ideas and initiatives.
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