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Discover the transformative power of natural psilocybin, blending ancient wisdom with modern science in a unique and legal psychedelic retreat experience.

Whether you have no experience at all and want to familiarize yourself with psychedelics in a safe, responsible and legal way, or if you are looking for a more profound and meaningful experience, you are welcome with us.


Maarn (NL)

Group Size​

11 participants


€ 1198 or
3 x € 399 incl. VAT

Welcome to our psychedelic retreat, a two-day science-backed program designed to allow you to experience psychedelics safely and legally. At Spinoza, we prioritize your wellbeing and personal growth, and our retreat reflects this commitment.

Our program includes a comprehensive preparation workshop to help you understand and get ready for your journey. After your experience, we provide an integration workshop to help you process and make sense of your insights. Each workshop is thoughtfully crafted and lasts two hours, ensuring you have ample support throughout your journey.

Spinoza has had the privilege of guiding thousands of incredible individuals like yourself on a journey of self-discovery that has radically altered their lives for the better. Today, we are thrilled to invite you to join us on one of our Psychedelic Nature Retreats. There, you, too, can experience the miracles of ceremony firsthand with the love and support of our expert guides and therapists.

Join us to reconnect with nature, explore your inner self, and discover the potential benefits of natural medicine in a safe, supportive environment.

What can you expect?

Our ceremonies are led by experienced guides, specialists and experts, including therapists, who solely act in service of your well-being and who are there to care for your every need before, during, and after the ceremony. We facilitate a safe space where anything can be processed that needs to arise.

To ensure that we tailor this journey to your specific intentions and needs, we offer a personal intake call your guide. During this call, we’ll delve into understanding you better – your aspirations, your background, and what you’re hoping to achieve with us. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions and express any thoughts or concerns you might have. Your journey is important to us, and we want to make sure it’s as fulfilling and transformative as possible

Preparation is essential in order to make your journey most beneficial for you. In this two-hour online preparation workshop, you’ll meet your guides and your curated group of participants. You’ll learn how psychedelics work on a physiological level and we explore a number of meditation and breathwork practices. You’ll have all the knowledge and practical skills to confidently start your psychedelic journey.

Your psychedelic ceremony takes place in the midst of the beautiful woods of Maarn. This is where you’ll meet your guides and other participants in real life. Together, we’ll go for a good walk in the forest and practice breathwork and meditation and some light body movement, before going into the yurt for the ceremony. You’ll be immersed in wonderful live music. All meals, bites and drinks are included.

Your process of growth doesn’t end with a psychedelic ceremony. Integrating a psychedelic experience requires attention and inquiry. During this two-hour online integration workshop, we will explore and reflect on the insights and challenges you may have encountered during your psychedelic journey. You’ll receive expert guidance and loving support to process your insights and evaluate their meaning.

With everyone who shows interest in our ceremonies, we always aim to create a balanced group of like-minded people with a maximum of 11 participants.

The Spinoza app provides access to our educational platform, which includes a comprehensive psychedelic Masterclass, a library of meditation techniques and breathwork practices – both in audio and video – and mesmerizing, four-hour Music Journeys – specifically composed to follow the flow of a psychedelic experience.

This ceremony is designed as a deep dive, which means we generally offer a dose of 21 grams of fresh truffles or more. However, dosing is highly personal and we consult with each person individually to determine which dose suits your intention best. The ceremony is complemented by meditative and breathwork practices before and after in order to provide solid ground for your process to unfold. You’ll be immersed in wonderful live music.

During the preparation workshop, we share some dietary suggestions prior to the ceremony. This includes (at least a relatively short period) of fasting. After the ceremony, we make sure that we enjoy a delicious, vegan, nourishing, warm meal together. More food for the soul ;) All meals and drinks are included.

15 minute exploration call for brief questions

book your cALL

This call is like a friendly coffee chat where we take the time to get to know each other better. It’s a space where we listen to your stories, understand your needs, and learn about where you are on your journey. We genuinely care about your experiences and aspirations.

Do you prefer speaking to a man? Book your call with Niek. Prefer calling with a woman? Call Liv.

Much love, Liv & Niek




A psychedelic ceremony can be difficult to describe. Listen to the experiences and brave words of some of our participants, Nina, Matthew and Loekie.

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Online workshop about psychedelics with meditation and breathwork practices. Meet your psychedelic guides and fellow ceremony participants. Get access to our intuitive app with music, guided meditations, and more.


One day and one night retreat in a lush forest outside Amsterdam. A psychedelic ceremony with beautiful live music and expert guidance. Includes delicious organic meals, mind-body techniques, and overnight stay.

3. Integration

Online workshop to clarify your insights and reflect on their meaning. Get practical tools to integrate your learnings into your daily life. Learn how to get the most out of your psychedelic experience.

The importance of music

Music plays an essential part in our psychedelic ceremonies. In fact, we consider it one of the most important ingredients of any psychedelic experience, as it has an immensely powerful influence on both your set and setting. For this reason, we have developed several unique music journeys, which are specifically composed to follow the flow of a psychedelic journey with psilocybin.
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Yan Studio
"I recently attended the Spinoza Psychedelic Retreat and I experienced an incredibly safe and beautiful journey. From the outset, the guides created an atmosphere of safety and care that instantly put me at ease. Beyond the ceremony itself, the thoughtful post-ceremony meal was a delightful and nourishing touch that added to the overall experience. If you're seeking a journey that delves into the depths of consciousness and fosters a deep sense of connection with existence, I really recommend the Spinoza Psychedelic Retreat. It's an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime."
Andres Echeverri
“I had an amazing experience at the retreat! The guides were incredibly professional and knowledgeable, and the vegan food was delicious. The location was comfortable and had all the amenities we needed. The team was great about following up and checking in after the retreat. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a meaningful experience!”
“An amazing experience inwards as I never dreamed of. I have grown and obtained a renewed awareness. Definitely recommended. It takes place in a cocooned and safe (and beautiful) surroundings, with guides to help or assist if needed. A gift to myself.”

“One good way to understand a complex system is to disturb it and then see what happens.”

Michael Pollan, How to Change Your Mind

Frequently Asked Questions

A psychedelic experience allows you to gently and calmly open up to thoughts and feelings that you may avoid in everyday life. You may feel a deeper connection with yourself, allowing you to address a wide range of issues. Psychedelics improve the brain’s neuroplasticity, which can be helpful in breaking thought patterns and replacing old habits with more beneficial behavior. Psychedelic journeying is most beneficial when supported by our preparation and integration workshops and the daily practices we offer in our app.

Psychedelic plants and fungi have been used in indigenous medicinal traditions for thousands of years. The scientific world has studied the benefits of psychedelic truffles since the 1950s and has repeatedly reported positive effects on behavior, cognition, spirituality and consciousness. As scientific research continues, promising results are made in neuroscience, mood and mental disorders, addiction and habit formation.

There are two main considerations when taking psychedelics: your physical and mental health and the timing in your life. If you are receiving treatment or taking medication, please consult your doctor. As for timing, trust your intuition. Do you have enough time and space in your life? Are you in a balanced and open state of mind? The tools we offer, like our Psychedelic Masterclass, are designed to help you create the optimal conditions for mind and body.

Your experience and the duration of its benefits are likely to improve when you’re well-prepared. Our Psychedelic Masterclass offers a variety of practices to create the right mindset and environment for a meaningful, insightful and safe journey. We will give you detailed practical information on dietary recommendations and help you find peace of mind through meditative practices and breathwork in the Preparation workshop and before we start the ceremony.

Psilocybin is completely safe when used responsibly in a safe environment with people you know and trust. It is a naturally occurring substance that is converted by the body into psilocin, which acts on the serotonin receptors in the brain. Psilocybin is not addictive and there are no known reports of overdoses. We do advise you to conduct your own research as well and to consult various sources of information.

Fresh truffles containing natural psilocybin are legal to buy and consume in the Netherlands. This is not the case in most parts of the world yet, but more and more countries currently have legislation under consideration to make psychedelic therapy more widely available.

In our ceremonies, we offer legal truffles containing natural psilocybin. This induces a psychedelic experience of approximately 4-6 hours. We generally offer a high dose of 21 grams of fresh truffles or more. Dosages are determined in consultation with each individual participant and based on your experience, intention, and physical and mental condition.

Our Sclerotia Psilocybe are 100% natural, unprocessed and free of additives. Do not consume if you are under 25 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take in combination with alcohol, drugs or medication or while driving. Please consult your doctor beforehand if you have a mental and/or medical condition. Read more in our protocol.

If you are taking medication, consult your doctor before taking any further steps. You cannot partake in our programs if you are taking any of the following medications. If you have any specific questions, we can also consult our medical expert to help you gain clarity.

(PLEASE CONSULT A DOCTOR WHEN IN DOUBT) There are a few important contra-indications, such as if you are suffering from heart problems, if you are currently dealing with mental issues, or when you are pregnant. Please make sure that you carefully check the following contra-indications:

– You have no current physical or mental health disorder;
– You have no history of psychosis or close relative with a schizophrenic disorder;
– You do not currently take any medication;
– You are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Payment in three installments is available for bookings more than 2 months ahead. You will pay a first installment upon booking of your retreat and two subsequent installments before the start of the program. Our Support team will contact you to discuss your personal payment schedule.

Things You Need To Know

Openness and Understanding
Psychedelic truffles enable us to create new pathways that can transform the way we approach the challenges of life. A high dose  of psilocybin-containing truffles will take you beyond visual hallucinations and into the realm of the metaphysical, allowing a different perspective on your everyday life. 

We offer both Group Retreats as well as Private Retreats.
Our Psychedelic Nature Retreat is a group process with around 8-11 fellow participants. While we believe group ceremonies are really powerful, and hold deep meaning and transformation, we also recognise they may not suit everyone. If you have any uncertainties about whether this is the right choice for you, feel free to schedule an exploration call to discuss alternative options.

Accommodation & Meals

Located in a lush forest, our nature centre is situated around an hour away from Amsterdam and easy accessible via public transport. On the land you fill find a welcoming barn with a fireplace and bathroom, a nearby house with an additional bathroom, and our yurt, serving both as the ceremony space as well as the space where we sleep. Embracing nature as the primary source of our health and well-being, we serve fresh herbal teas and organic, vegan meals with local and seasonal sourced ingredients.

Scientific research and development

Our organization’s name is a tribute to the philosopher Benedict de Spinoza, who lived and worked in Amsterdam.

In his most influential work, Ethica, he places significant emphasis on the importance of reason and evidence in the pursuit of knowledge. His way of reasoning has been essential to the establishment of modern science.

Like Spinoza, we highly value scientific research and ideally base our assumptions on facts and objective observations.

To perpetually improve our method, programs and ceremonies, we have initiated several research and development programs in collaboration with the Universities of Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

Our Guides



Janneke aims to reconnect people to their most authentic selves. She has been teaching meditation, yoga and breathwork for over a decade, while also exploring the fields of plant medicine. Over the past seven years, she has been guiding personal growth processes, assisting people to find more clarity in the various challenges of life. She brings a peaceful and powerful presence as well as her soulful voice and music to each Ceremony.



Maarten has been teaching meditation and assisting people to make the journey inward for nearly fifteen years. With silence, music, plants and fungi he guides people toward their own natural wisdom. Maarten’s on a mission to explore, expand and integrate the health potential of natural medicine and nature therapy. Spinoza forms the pinnacle of his personal journey with plant medicine which started in 1999.


Kim builds much-needed bridges between the seemingly different worlds of science and spirituality. After 15 years of academic therapeutic service in mental healthcare and hospitals, and over a decade of meditative practices, she’s come to realize that ‘struggle’ is universal and innate to our human experience. As a guide, Kim loves to create space for people to feel, and to remember their truth. She supports transformation using science-based techniques, her own intuition, and her creativity. She sees the benefits of using a broad variety of modalities, from psychotherapy to plant medicine, from tantra to storytelling and from meditation to breathwork.


For Marijn, working with psychedelics has been an integral part of his life. As both an ACT-coach at the University of Wageningen and trained mediator, he brings a depth of educational knowledge and compassionate wisdom to his guidance in ceremonies. Marijn feels called to support others in reconnecting to the simplicity of being and the pure beauty of nature. Marijn brings insight and alignment where needed and shares his music and mantras with a gentle guitar strum. Marijn is a loving parent of two boys and a little girl, together with his wife Veerle.


Merel supports transformational processes by bringing her compassionate presence to each ceremony. She also offers breath coaching, yoga classes and is a professional trainer and mediator based on the method of Nonviolent Communication. With her work, she aims to foster a deeper understanding and a direct experience of our true nature. Merel loves singing and is actually named after a singing bird. She brings her voice and music on harmonium and guitar to each ceremony.


Hidde’s journey with psychedelics started after a severe accident, when he began investigating the benefits of plant medicine and microdosing. This healing experience was the starting point of a new journey, which led him to work at several reputable institutions in the field of holistic care and psychedelic therapy. Hidde is convinced that psychedelics can play an essential role in establishing a holistic view on healthcare in Western society.


Aleksandra brings her unique perspective, humor and professionalism to each ceremony. As a psychedelic guide and transformation coach, she helps people navigate altered states of consciousness comfortably and supports people in the process of returning to alignment and harmony. She has both a psychological academic background and a BBA degree. Aleksandra brings years of experience guiding people before, during and after psychedelic experiences.


Georg’s approach is rooted in transpersonal psychology, and he also holds certificates in personal coaching and music therapy. He is currently completing his Master’s in Psychology, specializing in the psychedelic experience. As a multi-instrumentalist, his approach to guidance in ceremony includes the integration of music and meditation. Following his passion for music, he has performed around the world from the deserts of Burning Man to the fields of Glastonbury.


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