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Spinoza exercises a legal exception to the standard right of withdrawal for perishable goods, as outlined in the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83). This exception is applicable to products that are prone to spoilage within a specified timeframe. 

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A psychedelic experience allows you to gently and calmly open up to thoughts and feelings that you may avoid in everyday life. You may feel a deeper connection with yourself, allowing you to address a wide range of issues. Psychedelics improve the brain’s neuroplasticity, which can be helpful in breaking thought patterns and replacing old habits with more beneficial behavior. Psychedelic journeying is most beneficial when supported by our preparation and integration workshops and the daily practices we offer in our app.

Psychedelic plants and fungi have been used in indigenous medicinal traditions for thousands of years. The scientific world has studied the benefits of psychedelic truffles since the 1950s and has repeatedly reported positive effects on behavior, cognition, spirituality and consciousness. As scientific research continues, promising results are made in neuroscience, mood and mental disorders, addiction and habit formation.

There are two main considerations when taking psychedelics: your physical and mental health and the timing in your life. If you are receiving treatment or taking medication, please consult your doctor. As for timing, trust your intuition. Do you have enough time and space in your life? Are you in a balanced and open state of mind? The tools we offer, like our Psychedelic Masterclass, are designed to help you create the optimal conditions for mind and body.

Your experience and the duration of its benefits are likely to improve when you’re well-prepared. Our Psychedelic Masterclass offers a variety of practices to create the right mindset and environment for a meaningful, insightful and safe journey. We will give you detailed practical information on dietary recommendations and help you find peace of mind through meditative practices and breathwork in the Preparation workshop and before we start the ceremony.

Psilocybin is completely safe when used responsibly in a safe environment with people you know and trust. It is a naturally occurring substance that is converted by the body into psilocin, which acts on the serotonin receptors in the brain. Psilocybin is not addictive and there are no known reports of overdoses. We do advise you to conduct your own research as well and to consult various sources of information.

Fresh truffles containing natural psilocybin are legal to buy and consume in the Netherlands. This is not the case in most parts of the world yet, but more and more countries currently have legislation under consideration to make psychedelic therapy more widely available.

In our ceremonies, we offer legal truffles containing natural psilocybin. This induces a psychedelic experience of approximately 4-6 hours. We generally offer a high dose of 21 grams of fresh truffles or more. Dosages are determined in consultation with each individual participant and based on your experience, intention, and physical and mental condition.

Our Sclerotia Psilocybe are 100% natural, unprocessed and free of additives. Do not consume if you are under 25 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take in combination with alcohol, drugs or medication or while driving. Please consult your doctor beforehand if you have a mental and/or medical condition. Read more in our protocol.

If you are taking medication, consult your doctor before taking any further steps. You cannot partake in our programs if you are taking any of the following medications. If you have any specific questions, we can also consult our medical expert to help you gain clarity.

There are a few important contra-indications, such as if you are suffering from heart problems, if you are currently dealing with mental issues, or when you are pregnant. Please make sure that you carefully check the following contra-indications:

– You have no current physical or mental health disorder;
– You have no history of psychosis or close relative with a schizophrenic disorder;
– You do not currently take any medication;
– You are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Payment in three installments is available for bookings more than 2 months ahead. You will pay a first installment upon booking of your retreat and two subsequent installments before the start of the program. Our Support team will contact you to discuss your personal payment schedule.


Microdosing is a practice of integrating small doses of psychedelics, such as psilocybin truffles or -mushrooms, into your weekly routine with the aim of improving cognitive functioning or psychological wellbeing in some way.

Microdosing is a safe practice, but it may be illegal in some places. It is important to be aware of the laws in your specific location and avoid any illegal activities. While there are no clinical research studies on microdosing in humans, studies on larger doses of psilocybin-containing truffles have shown that these substances are extremely safe. However, the long-term effects of frequent microdosing are still unknown. As a result, it is recommended to microdose for no more than two months at a time.

It’s important to note that microdosing does not have the same risks as taking larger doses of psychedelics, such as experiencing a “bad trip” or intense psychedelic effects. Microdosing is a safe and effective way to experiment with psychedelics in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Note: with microdosing, there is no risk of having a “bad trip” or experiencing intense psychedelic effects. Taking a microdose is the ideal way to be introduced to psychedelics safely and comfortably.

It can be with certain protocols and the amount that you consume that you have truffles left, since sensitivities vary. We’ve tailored our products to ensure that everyone has enough following any of the chosen protocols. The beauty of these natural products is their sustainability. If you have extra truffles, you can simply throw them in your garden or find another eco-friendly way to dispose of them, contributing to a greener environment.

It is important to understand that while psilocybin can be a transformative and profound experience for many people, it may not be suitable for everyone. There are certain situations and mental health conditions where caution or avoidance of psilocybin is recommended. These include:

Mental Health Disorders

Individuals with a history of mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or any other severe mental illness should avoid psilocybin. The psychedelic effects of psilocybin can potentially exacerbate symptoms or lead to unpredictable reactions.

Deep Depressive Feelings

If you are currently experiencing deep depressive feelings or are in a vulnerable emotional state, it’s advisable to refrain from psilocybin use. While psilocybin has shown promise in treating depression, its effects can be intense, and the experience may not be appropriate during a period of emotional vulnerability.

Medication Interactions

Some medications may interact with psilocybin, potentially causing adverse effects or reducing the effectiveness of the medication. It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional if you are taking any prescription medications.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should avoid psilocybin use due to the potential risks it may pose to the developing fetus or infant.

For individuals in any of these categories who are interested in exploring psilocybin, it is strongly recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. A healthcare provider can assess your specific situation, provide guidance on potential risks and benefits, and determine if there are safer alternatives or therapeutic approaches. Your wellbeing and safety are paramount, and open communication with a healthcare professional is a responsible and essential step.

There are lots of things to cover before you get started with microdosing, depending on the reasons you’re interested in the first place. We recommend checking out our microdosing pdf or the Spinoza microdosing masterclass to learn everything you need to know before you get started. 

  • People microdose for many reasons; ranging from increasing their productivity and creativity to finding relief from pain, or to combat specific medical complaints. However, microdosing is not a magic bullet but a tool you can use to accelerate your state of awareness.

Note: It is important to recognize that greater benefits are experienced when microdosing is done with proper preparation, intention, and integration. The help of a professional microdosing coach can certainly aid in that process. 

For an optimal microdosing experience, we advise taking it on an empty stomach. This approach ensures there’s no interference from food or variations in stomach acidity that could affect absorption.

Microdosing is not addictive. Even though it has been proven that truffles do not cause any physical addiction, you should remain alert to your personal relationship with microdosing. The positive effects can be quite appealing, whether microdosing is mentally addictive depends entirely on how consciously you use it.

The Spinoza Microdose strips all contain six portions of 1 gram each. For some people, 1 gram may already be too strong for one microdose. Therefore, we recommend that you start off with a smaller dose of 0.5 gram (½ of a Spinoza strip dose). This way you can gradually sense how your body reacts.

Note: It’s recommended to start with a low dose and gradually build up over time as you become more confident. The goal of microdosing is to find your ideal personal dosage (i.e. your “sweet spot”) within the 4 first times of microdosing.

When the strips of microdoses are still sealed in the strip, you can keep them fresh for 2 months. Once opened, truffles stay fresh for up to 2 weeks if you store them dry and cold.

To maintain the effects and potency of fresh truffles, it’s best to store your truffles refrigerated. When vacuum sealed, they will remain good for up to two months. The storage of the truffles requires a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Avoid freezing and leave the strips in their packaging, as the refrigerator can collect excessive moisture.

Microdosing is not necessarily illegal. Several countries allow the cultivation and/or purchase of psilocybin truffles. We do not condone microdosing where it is against the law, as there can be penalties.

Psychedelics build up a tolerance very quickly. So when you use it too long, it loses its power. After 2 to 4 weeks your receptors will be reset and you can start again.

Note: Microdosing is foremost about gaining insights during your microdosing period and integrating these insights into your life. You could say a successful microdosing journey is when you no longer “need” it as support. It is useful to look back on your microdosing journey and reflect on what you have learned, what insights did you integrate already and what do you still need to work on.

Psilocybin and its metabolites are not included in most standard drug screens; however, they are sometimes included in extended drug screens.

  • Fatigue – potentially because of a change in physical needs or as an indicator to address underlying emotional and/or physical needs
  • Tolerance (needing more of the substance each time to get the same effect) – It has not been scientifically proven yet, but Fadiman’s findings show that people report tolerance when microdosing every day instead of following one of the established  microdosing protocols
  • Dealing with changes in your consciousness and your sensitivity can be challenging

Other risks of microdosing include nausea, headaches, or increased anxiety

We recommend not to drive a car when you take a microdose for the first time. If the microdose comes on too strong, you have taken too much, and you should not take part in traffic. Otherwise, you should be perfectly fine driving a car or other motorized vehicles while microdosing.

Microdosing can be a great attribute to your workout, as it can boost your cognitive functions which can result in better sports performances. For example: you become more aware of your own body and can thus find a better pace in your workout routine.

It is possible to microdose and drink alcohol, although we do not recommend it as the alcohol can lower the beneficial effects of microdosing.

While microdosing can act as a catalyst to make you more self-aware, more creative, and more productive, its use also has its limits. As with any mind-enhancing substance, it should be used consciously and responsibly, and in moderation.

There is currently no clinical research showing that psychedelics can be harmful during pregnancy, whether it’s about pregnancy complications for the mother, or about the baby’s brain or development. The medical literature, however, suggests that minimal damage may occur. Thus, the decision to use substances remains one for you to take as an individual.

Although there’s no clinical proof of the medicinal effect of psychedelics, multiple experts state that microdosing can be beneficial for people diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

As with alcohol or other drugs, it is not advised to combine microdosing with antibiotics.

After a high dose journey, it is recommended to take a break from microdosing, until the ‘afterglow’ of the high dose has faded. Most people experience a feeling of a reset or being ‘reborn’ after a session. This afterglow can last up to 2 to 4 weeks. So after approximately 2 weeks you could start with microdosing.

Many people wonder if microdosing can be combined with medication. This is one of the most frequently asked questions for researchers and experts in this field. To effectively answer that question, Dr. James Fadiman and his colleague Sophia Korb compiled a list of medications, supplements, and drugs that until now are known not to cause any adverse side effects when combined with microdosing.

It is important to:

Always consult your doctor first if you plan to combine, stop, or phase out medications

Remember: no one is currently knowledgeable enough in the field of microdosing to be able to advise you on the interactions of microdosing and your medications. If you want to taper off medications because you suspect that microdosing is a better alternative, always consult with your doctor and thoroughly research the pros and cons.

Because of (frequently changing) rules regarding microdosing products abroad, full responsibility for the purchase of these products lies with the customer. Before ordering our products from abroad, the customer must ensure that the goods can be legally imported into the country to which the order must be sent.

(Truffles are legal in the Netherlands and can therefore be sent to all EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. This EU treaty says that if a product is legal in one EU country, it is also legal to sell and ship to all other EU countries. However, it is technically still possible for individual EU countries, states, and local jurisdictions to ban all kinds of products. Therefore, checking the current legal status of our product in your jurisdiction is your own responsibility.)

Brewing tea from psilocybin truffles can slightly alter the potency and the experience, although it doesn’t necessarily decrease the strength. Here are some key points to consider:

Speed and Intensity of Onset: Making tea can cause the effects to come on faster and appear a bit more intense due to the quick absorption of psilocybin, although the overall duration may be slightly shorter compared to consuming them raw​​.

Heat sensitivity: It’s crucial not to steep the truffles in boiling water as the heat can degrade the psilocybin, potentially diminishing the potency. It’s advisable to let the water cool down a bit before adding the truffles or mushrooms​​.

User experiences: Some users have found that tea made from psilocybin mushrooms hits them harder and faster, making it seem more potent. The preparation method, such as whether to put the truffles in boiling water, or to boil the water first and then add the truffles, as well as the steeping duration, can also influence the potency and experience​​​.

Degrading psilocybin: There’s mention from a chemist that tea can degrade psilocybin mushrooms to some extent, which may suggest a possible decrease in potency if not done correctly​​.

In conclusion, the preparation method and the temperature at which the tea is brewed are important factors that can influence the potency of psilocybin when making tea from truffles. It’s advisable to avoid using boiling water directly on the truffles to preserve the psilocybin content.

Absolutely, the discoloration poses no threat. It’s a characteristic of a natural product exhibiting various hues. Should washing the truffles slightly remove the brown protective layer, a color change will be noticeable. The green-blue coloration represents psilocybin, the active compound. Upon exposure to oxygen, a minor oxidation of the truffles occurs.

The amount of psilocybin in 1 gram of psilocybin truffles can vary, but a common range provided is between 0.75 and 1.75 milligrams (mg) of psilocybin per gram of fresh truffles​​​. It’s worth mentioning that the psilocybin content can fluctuate based on several factors including the species and strain of the truffle, the conditions under which they were grown, and their freshness or dryness at the time of measurement.


Below you’ll find the Nutrition Information for 100g of our premium truffles. This provides an overview of the essential nutrients and energy values to help you understand what you’re consuming. As with any natural product, slight variations can occur, but we pride ourselves on maintaining consistent quality and nutritional value in every batch.

Energy: 464.7 kJ (110.5 kcal)
Carbohydrates: 13.2g
Protein: 5.3g
Fat: 0.4g
Dietary Fibre: 16.7g
Salt: 0.3g
Vitamin D: 10.0 IU
Sodium: 13.6g
Phosphorus: 169.3mg
Potassium: 210.0mg
Calcium: 12.5mg
Iron: 0.7mg

Our truffles remain fresh for 14 days without refrigeration. Following this period, while we can’t assure their freshness, they are typically still usable, provided they haven’t turned dark brown. We recommend storing them in the refrigerator immediately.

Microdosing is not typically a cure for depression or burn-outs, but rather serves as a supportive tool in one’s healing journey. It’s crucial to recognize that you are the central figure in this process, with microdosing acting as a catalyst that highlights areas requiring attention. Understanding this dynamic can empower individuals to alleviate depression through proactive engagement, albeit microdosing is not a panacea for all issues.

Approaching microdosing with a grounded perspective enables individuals to unlock their potential, thereby significantly aiding the healing process.

It’s important to acknowledge that the effects of microdosing psilocybin truffles can be subtle and may vary from individual to individual. Finding your “sweet spot” requires a methodical approach. Here are steps to help you find the right dose that works for you:

Start low and go slow:
Begin with a low dose. A common starting point is 0.5 grams of fresh truffles.

Gradually increase the dose in small increments (e.g., 0.1 or 0.2 grams) every dosing day.

Maintain a consistent schedule:
Follow a regular microdosing protocol, such as one day on, and one day off.

Consistency will help you better evaluate the effects over time. You will find more information about our protocols here or in our app.

Track your experiences:

Keep a journal to note any changes in mood, cognition, or physical sensations. Document the dose, time of day, and any other relevant factors like sleep quality or dietary changes.

Mind your diet and lifestyle:
Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated.

Exercise and adequate sleep can also impact your response to microdosing.

Consult with a microdosing coach:
If you are part of a guided program, share your observations with your coach.

Experienced coaches and guides can provide valuable insights based on your feedback.

Patience and observation:
It may take some time to notice the benefits of microdosing.

Give yourself several weeks to observe the effects and adjust the dose accordingly.

Engage in reflective practices:
Meditation, mindfulness, or other reflective practices can enhance your awareness of subtle changes.

Remember, the goal of microdosing is to find the lowest effective dose that provides the desired benefits without any unwanted effects. It’s a personal journey of exploration and fine-tuning to find what works best for you.

If you notice that your truffles are moldy when you just receive them, please contact our customer support immediately for guidance on how to proceed.

18x1gram packets of high-quality, organic, fresh truffles containing psilocybin. Free from preservatives.
Access to our user-friendly app.
Access to our extensive guide on Microdosing.
Access to an in-depth online Microdosing Masterclass.

The microdosing masterclass is an extensive online course to help you get the most out of your microdosing journey. Our microdosing experts and psychedelic guides developed this course to teach you everything about microdosing. From protocols to practices and finding your sweet spot.

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Magic truffles derive their unique properties from hallucinogenic substances, which are documented in the Psychotropic Substances Convention. This documentation signifies that possessing pure psilocybin is prohibited. However, as these substances are found in numerous fungi, the United Nations has carved out an exemption for such natural products. Below is an excerpt from the Commentary on the Convention on Psychotropic Substances (article 32, point 12), which distinctly mentions that certain natural entities like Peyote cacti, and psilocybe mushrooms, among others, are exempted from the convention, thereby possessing a legal standing.

In the Netherlands, truffles are legal and hence, as per the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle laid down by the European Commission, can be dispatched to all EU nations. This principle posits that a product, if legal in one EU nation, is deemed legal for sale and shipment across all other EU nations. Nonetheless, the prerogative for individual EU nations, states, and local jurisdictions to prohibit various products still exists. Therefore, validating the current legal standing of our product in your jurisdiction is incumbent upon you. Spinoza is authorized to ship this product to any EU resident. By procuring goods through this website, you acknowledge the responsibility of adhering to local laws and customs protocols, ensuring the legality of the ordered product in the importing country. Spinoza bears no responsibility for goods that are held or confiscated by third parties, such as customs or law enforcement authorities in the country of your order.

The inherent risk involves potential confiscation by customs. We recommend researching further for more insights. The specifics regarding the risks in the countries we ship to remain unknown. We are permitted to ship legal Dutch products within the EU, yet the enforcement of laws is a prerogative of each country. The customer also bears responsibility for the items they import.

Spinoza cannot be held responsible when customs take in your order.

The legal age to purchase psilocybin truffles from our website is 25. This restriction is based on:

Brain Development
The human brain, especially the decision-making prefrontal cortex, matures into the early to mid-20s.

Psilocybin’s Brain Interaction
Psilocybin alters brain activity and fosters new neural connections, which could impact brain development or mental health.

Regional Variability
The age limit may also reflect regional laws and cultural norms.

This policy aims to ensure individuals are neurologically mature enough to weigh the risks and benefits of psilocybin use. 

We adhere to legal regulations by ensuring our products meet the legal standards set by the Netherlands and the EU. It’s the responsibility of the customer to check local regulations regarding the purchase of our products.

Taking products containing psilocybin across international borders can be risky and is generally not advised. Laws regarding these substances vary greatly from country to country, and you could face legal consequences.

MACRO or Ceremony Dosing Magic Truffles

Macro or ceremony dosing is a practice that involves consuming a moderate dose of psychedelics, offering a bridge between the subtle cognitive shifts of microdosing and the profound perceptual changes of a full psychedelic experience. This approach is increasingly recognised for its potential to deepen one’s connection with the surrounding world, evoking introspection, and a enhanced sensorial experience — all while maintaining a level of control and awareness.

Nature becomes more vibrant, sounds more resonant, and emotions more palpable. It’s a space where the mind is both observant and immersed, offering a unique opportunity to engage with one’s surroundings and inner landscape with enhanced clarity.

Involves taking sub-perceptual doses of a psychedelic substance, typically about 1/20 to 1/30 of a full dose. When talking about psilocybin truffles, we consider 28 grams a full dose.

The goal is to experience subtle, sub-threshold effects that can enhance creativity, productivity, and emotional balance without significantly altering perception or consciousness.

Macro or ceremony dosing
Involves taking a moderate dose, usually around 1/2 to 1/4 of a full dose, depending on the individual and the substance. In the case of psychedelic truffles a mid-dose is between 7 and 14 grams of fresh truffles.

This level of dosing can lead to perceptual changes, enhanced introspection, and a deeper emotional understanding while still allowing for some level of control and functionality.

Involves taking a full dose of a psychedelic substance. The goal is often to experience a profound alteration in consciousness, including hallucinations, deep emotional processing, and transcendental experiences. If you are considering a full dose, we recommend you participate in one of our retreats since guidance is an important factor to ensure your safety and help you get the most out of your psychedelic experience.

Greater Emotional Depth and Introspection:
Medium or ceremony dosing with psilocybin truffles can help individuals delve deeper into their emotions. By promoting self-reflection and a heightened state of awareness, individuals can explore unresolved emotions, leading to emotional healing. This introspective journey can also support personal growth and self-acceptance.

Enhanced Sensory Experiences:
Psilocybin is known for its ability to alter perception and enhance sensory experiences. When medium or ceremony dosing, it can intensify colours, sounds, and tactile sensations. This heightened sensory awareness can lead to a more profound appreciation of the environment and can also foster a deeper connection with nature, aligning with the nature-centric values of holistic experiences.

Psychological Clarity and Spiritual Growth:
Through the lens of a medium or ceremony dose psilocybin experience, individuals might achieve a clearer understanding of their mind and life situations. This clarity can serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of one’s place in the universe. The process of self-discovery and enlightenment could be enhanced, promoting a sense of spiritual connectivity and harmony.

Reduced Stress and Heightened Creativity:
Psilocybin truffles at a medium or ceremony dose level can potentially reduce stress by promoting a calm and contemplative state of mind. Moreover, the altered state of consciousness induced by psilocybin can foster creativity by enabling unconventional thinking and the ability to perceive things in new, imaginative ways. This heightened creativity can be especially beneficial in problem-solving and artistic expression.

The benefits of medium or ceremony dosing psilocybin truffles lie in the balance of experiencing perceptual alterations and psychological insight while maintaining a level of control. It offers a moderate psychedelic experience that can be insightful and transformative while being less intense than a full psychedelic dose.

7 grams: Enhances the senses, ideal for a nature walk or music session.

14 grams: A deeper journey, best experienced in a safe, home setting.

Consume your chosen dosage on an empty stomach. For further guidance, refer to our app.

3×7 gram packets of high-quality, organic, fresh truffles containing psilocybin, allowing you to tailor your dose. Free from preservatives.
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App & Masterclasses

The app serves as a comprehensive companion in navigating your psychedelic experience, whether you opt for microdosing or ceremony dosing. It aims to equip you with a robust knowledge base surrounding these practices, thus fostering a secure and fruitful interaction with psychedelics. Besides educational insights, the app is designed to enhance self-awareness, and provide guidance during your journey. It’s a tool tailored to ensure your psychedelic journey is not only enlightening but also conducted within a safe and supportive framework.

The masterclasses are accessible through our app. Initially, they come as a part of the Microdosing and Magic Truffle Starterboxes. Upon completing your purchase, an activation code for the corresponding masterclass is provided, which can be redeemed under your account settings.

Alternatively, the masterclasses can be acquired separately for a fee of €49 each.

These masterclasses are carefully crafted by our psychedelic guides and microdosing experts to lay a solid foundation for your psychedelic exploration with us. They delve into essential topics and practical guidelines to ensure you are well-prepared and confident as you embark on this transformative journey.

The Microdosing Masterclass and Psychedelic Masterclass are integrated perks with the purchase of the Microdosing and Mid dosing Starterboxes respectively. Post-purchase, an activation code will be dispatched to you for unlocking the respective masterclass under your account settings.

However, if you desire to partake in a masterclass without acquiring a Starterbox, they are available for individual purchase at €49 each.

The master classes enable you to begin your experience with psychedelics confidently and safely. Think of the masterclasses as a companion offering educational resources so that you can become well-informed around psychedelics.

They are your complete guide to safe, comfortable, and insightful psychedelic experiences. You can expect multiple videos, meditation techniques, and mesmerizing music journeys. The Spinoza App and masterclasses guide you before, during, and after psychedelic journeying.

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