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Curious about trying truffles or magic mushrooms for the first time and keen to do so safely? You’ve landed on just the thing to help. Our dosage calculator for psilocybin-containing substances is here to guide you through your first steps with knowledge and peace of mind.

At Spinoza, we’re committed to offering tools and resources that support your journey with these natural substances in a mindful and responsible way. This calculator is a reflection of our dedication to providing clear, accessible guidance to ensure your exploration is as safe as it is enlightening.

We see a future where the therapeutic potentials of nature are recognised and approached with respect. Your journey is a significant part of this vision, and we’re here to assist every step of the way. Welcome to our community, where connecting with the natural world is done thoughtfully and with care.

Body Weight
Note: There is no scientific evidence suggesting that body weight significantly influences the effects of psilocybin. Research indicates that within weight-adjusted groups (20 mg/70 kg and 30 mg/70 kg) and fixed dose groups, no significant associations were found between the subjective effects of psilocybin and demographic variables including body weight or sex. This observation holds across a broad spectrum of body weights (49 to 113 kg), indicating that body weight does not markedly affect the subjective experiences induced by psilocybin. Despite this, we recommend the following dosing guidelines as a “safe start” for individuals exploring psilocybin, aiming to provide a cautious framework for those new to or familiar with its use.
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