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As we open our doors, windows and minds to welcome the new season, we’re happy to tickle your senses with some fresh perspective. 

With the seasons changing and the world transforming, we are provided with a natural reminder of our brain’s capacity for change and renewal. 

These last few weeks, we’ve further explored the concept of neuroplasticity and how it, like springtime, brings opportunities for new sensory experiences. By embracing these experiences, from the sights and smells of blooming flowers to the feel of warm sunlight on our skin, our brain gets stimulated and encouraged to grow new neural pathways.  

Below you’ll find some inspiration to get you going.

And growing. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you again soon. 

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Maarten van Huijstee
Founder and CEO

The Power Of Habit

Thoughts and habits create neurological pathways in the brain. When we repeat a particular habit or thought, this pathway gets ingrained in the mind. The longer, the deeper, sometimes even to the point that we think there’s no other option or route.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new connections. New connections can mean new insights, ideas and perspectives to an existing problem or observation. They allow us to learn and change and, for instance, create new habits and thought patterns. Pretty amazing, right? 

Psilocybin and Its Effects on Neuroplasticity

Psilocybin has been shown to have profound effects on neuroplasticity, as it enhances the growth and connectivity of neurons in our brain, particularly in regions responsible for learning and memory, as well as emotional regulation. This enhanced connectivity can significantly improve our mood and cognitive function, and offers exciting opportunities for ceremonies, therapy and other practices that help us open windows for change and transformation. 

For more inspiration, head on over to the Spinoza Magazine where we’ll be updating you on our latest knowledge and practices around psychedelics.

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