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WHY WE need to take OF OUR masks


This Sunday, I’d like to give you some encouragement and a gentle reminder of the importance of being yourself. This may sound like something obvious, but being yourself isn’t always easy. We often think we know ourselves. But it’s not a matter of the mind.

Not something you can know. It’s a matter of feeling. Of being.

There are numerous reasons why we all inevitably drift off from our core being. Jobs, relationships, ambitions, possessions, the chaos of family life as it flies by. And, in general, coping mechanisms developed in childhood.

Somewhere down the road, we all seem to forget parts of ourselves. Or we come to stand in our own way, clinging to convictions that keep us from truly being ourselves.

To truly be yourself, you first need to be aware of the parts that you’re repressing, forgetting or denying. We often do this because we’re playing certain roles. 

For example, when we’re being a father, we’re not being a businessman – and vice versa. Unfortunately, playing such roles leads to a wide variety of problems.

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Niek Schreurs
Chief Marketing Officer

We can act counterintuitively, contradicting ourselves and undermining our own purpose in life.

Being yourself is not only essential to your own personal happiness, but also to the evolution of human consciousness, and therefore to the future of humanity.

To be clear; it’s all too easy to lose track of this every once in a while.

We all experience it one way or another at a certain point.

This is why it’s a perpetual process. And this is just a reminder of its importance.

Can you imagine what the world would be like when every human being would always be authentic and truly themselves? In every boardroom, political party and shareholder meeting? Strictly making choices that benefit future generations and general wellbeing? 

True connection comes from a place of connection to yourself.  
To know yourself is to be yourself.
And to be yourself is to free yourself.
When you are free, you effortlessly contribute to your family, your community, to nature, and to life. To all that exists.

You are fundamentally connected to everything. Personally, I think it starts by looking within with a kind eye. Simply sitting with yourself, by yourself, preferably in nature.

Have a wonderful day.

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