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Microdosing Private Therapy



Elevate your microdosing journey with personalised guidance from a qualified coach tailored exclusively to your individual needs.

  • Experience personalised coaching, support, and guidance tailored to your individual needs, goals, and concerns, ensuring your microdosing journey is optimised for success.
  • Benefit from dedicated, one-on-one coaching sessions designed to provide you with focused attention and targeted support, empowering you to navigate challenges and maximise your results.
  • Stay on track with your microdosing goals through regular check-ins and ongoing support, ensuring accountability and motivation as you progress toward your desired outcomes.
Personalized Therapeutic Plan

Each participant receives a therapeutic plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. This customization ensures that the therapy aligns with individual life circumstances, mental health status, and personal growth objectives. By focusing on personalized care, the plan targets specific challenges and optimizes the potential benefits of microdosing and therapy.

3 x 1:1 Therapy Sessions

The inclusion of three one-on-one therapy sessions allows for deep personal engagement with a therapist who understands the nuances of psychedelic therapy. These sessions are designed to offer a safe, supportive space where participants can explore their thoughts and emotions while receiving professional guidance. This individualized attention ensures that participants can progress at their own pace and have their concerns addressed directly, enhancing the therapeutic experience.

Designed for Healthy Habit Formation

This aspect of the program underscores its commitment to long-term well-being beyond the immediate effects of microdosing. The program helps participants integrate new coping mechanisms and wellness routines into their daily lives by focusing on healthy habit formation. This is crucial for sustaining the therapy’s benefits and ensuring that the positive changes are durable and impactful.

Includes Educational Platform

Education is a powerful tool in destigmatizing and understanding the use of natural substances for therapy. The included educational platform likely offers resources and learning modules about microdosing, the properties of truffles, and the science behind psychedelic therapy. This empowers participants by providing them with knowledge and insights that demystify the processes and benefits of their therapeutic journey, encouraging informed and mindful participation.

Includes Microdosing Truffle Starterbox

This starterbox typically contains a carefully curated selection of truffles used for microdosing. These truffles contain psilocybin, a natural psychedelic substance, in very small, sub-hallucinogenic doses. The purpose of the starter box is to provide participants with everything they need to begin their microdosing journey under the guidance of their therapeutic plan.


Introducing Hidde Schröder, our Microdosing Coach at Spinoza. After a life-changing accident in 2018 that left him with a broken neck, Hidde faced a challenging recovery period marked by physical pain and deep depression. It was during this time that he discovered microdosing as a pivotal element in his healing journey. This experience not only transformed his mental and physical well-being but also ignited a passion for the deeper healing potentials of plant medicine. Inspired to explore further, Hidde founded a non-profit research foundation dedicated to studying the therapeutic benefits of microdosing and psychedelics. His profound personal and professional journey fuels his commitment to helping others explore the transformative power of natural substances.

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