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WHAT is a PSYCHEDELIC journey?


Mind is complicated matter. And consciousness is not an easy subject. Up until today, we do not have a definitive understanding where it originates. There is still a broad debate on even the most fundamental questions and assumptions. 

Conventional science distinguishes two states of being: the conscious state where we spend most of our waking hours, carrying out our daily activities and sustaining ourselves in the physical world, and the unconscious state, where we are unaware of ourselves and our surroundings, such as the sleep and dream states, or anesthetically induced unconsciousness. 

“According to the current scientific worldview, consciousness is an epiphenomenon of material processes; it allegedly emerges from the complexity of the neurophysiological processes in the brain. This thesis is presented with great authority as if it has been scientifically proven beyond any reasonable doubt. On closer inspection though, we discover that it is a basic assumption of materialistic science that is not supported by facts and actually contradicts the findings of modern consciousness research.”

– Stanislav Grof,
MD, PhD, The way of the psychonaut

In the Psychedelic state, we can experience a spectrum of consciousness considerably larger and deeper than the ones we are familiar with. You can, for example, feel a deep connection with the universe and can experience oneness with all of creation. In our Masterclass, we refer to non-ordinary or altered states of consciousness as the Psychedelic state because we use naturally occurring psychedelic substances to attain these states.

Psychedelics are not a quick fix

A psychedelic journey should be viewed as the beginning of a journey. Think of it like the prologue of your favorite book. This is where you can gather pointers and directions that may prove useful as your journey unfolds. Using a mind-revealing substance like psilocybin allows you to meet with a part of you that ordinarily stays out of sight. During this strange encounter, you may get new impressions and insights. 

Keep in mind that a process of transformation takes conscious effort. At Spinoza, we believe that the beneficial effects of psychedelics find their roots in the weeks following a psychedelic experience. It’s the integration of new habits and thought patterns that ultimately lead to a sustained state ofwell-beingg.

Inner exploration

Consciously entering another state of consciousness is one of the most interesting and valuable experiences one can attain. This is why we recommend approaching the experience with an open and curious mindset. One that is similar to scientific exploration.



Context of awareness

We believe that a psychedelic experience is most beneficial when placed in a broader context of a process aimed at the improvement of (self)awareness, for example supported by meditation practices. Cultivating a habit of knowing your own body and mind is essential and will prove highly valuable in your daily life.

Actively practising being aware of yourself and others whom you are interacting with. Cultivate the habit of listening to your body, to your surroundings, to others and nature. Feel the elements that support you – the ground beneath your feet, the air that you breathe. Eat with attention and respect the food that nourishes you.

Consciously practising presence and awareness in your everyday life will expand your general sense of being and makes the process of integration after your journey easier. We have developed a series of guided meditations, breathwork and movement exercises which you can find in the practices section in the Spinoza app.

Inner knowing

In our daily lives, we allocate a disproportionate amount of our attention to the external world. Psychedelics can divert part of our outward gaze inwards. Balancing things a bit. 

We learn to listen more intently to our body, how it feels, its energy, emotions. 

Looking within helps you understand yourself, which clears the mind and helps it make better choices in life. This also brings about a broader sense of awareness of the world and your place in it. Looking within ultimately helps discern what’s essential and what is not.  

This makes it easier for you to focus on the things that truly matter.

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Psychedelics are substances which after consumption induce non-ordinary states of consciousness.